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Does professional photography help sell your property faster and direct more traffic to your website or business? Absolutely!! 

In this "Click" & "Like" world the buying starts online. Buy me, like me, click me, share me. Click, click, click. Don't miss your buyer because your images didn't invite the prospective buyer in. With professional real estate photography you can showcase the key features and evoke an emotion to what the home truly feels and looks like.  You want to let the buyer visualize making memories there as they click from room to room. Inviting images get the click. Putting your best foot forward makes the difference. You are selling the property so START PACKING! Declutter and declutter, did I mention declutter?? YES, three times, DECLUTTER &  depersonalize everything (I love wedding photos and cute kids too but people searching home listings don't need to see it). Put it back up after pictures if you absolutely must but I highly recommend taking them down before photos are done to sell your home with.  Pack personal images/items and stuff you bought 4 months ago and yet to touch or move off the counter (we're all guilty of it). But the fact is you will be moving so show your property, not your stuff. I love my kitchen-aid mixer as much as the next girl but the fact is that mixer is going with you and the counters are staying, so lets show off that pretty counter space and tops!  Simplify is the best term, if you don't use it on a daily basis, pack it. Designate a room for indoor items and the garage for the rest if possible. 

Cell Phone Vs. Professional Photo

Virtual Staging

Show the properties possible potential and add Warmth and elegance to any room with Visual Staging

Prices start at $25 per image

Please contact me for more information and ordering. 

HDR Vs. Flash Photos

Ambient Vs. Strobe

These are before and after editing with the same camera.  Light is a hard thing to manipulate but with flashes, ambient light and a knowledge of balance, it is possible and beautiful.  The sun can be a photographers best friend and worst enemy if you let it. I have developed my own editing style to show what a room looks like and try to portray what it feels like. Every home is so unique and different that no property is ever shot the same.

(fluffy clouds added in post, because homes should feel pretty too! )

Video tours are a great marketing tool and help grab the attention of potential clients and buyers. They will highlight the features that people are shopping for and show the property in a different perspective. We can add information about the property or business, set it to nice music and what the views stack up. Shot at 1080p and done the same time photos are being taken. 

Video tours highlight the property and show the features buyers are searching for. 

Commercial videos for facebook, instagram, twitter and 

Market to your audience and get the business you desire.

Commercial Use Imagery & Promotional Videos

This is for Builders, Property & business owners and for long term marketing use

(Not For-Sale Real Estate)

Please see the "book online" tab for Realtor pricing, packages and booking your appt.


Commercial Session Fees Start at $200

Because every job is unique, please inquire for cost. 


Travel Fees May apply


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