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Additional Digital Services

Slides to Digital JPG

Negatives to Digital JPG

 $1.00 each

Receive a proof sheet of your pictures

Receive  JPG 's on USB

Comes with slideshow

of all of you pictures ​​

 $1.00 each
Receive a proof sheet of your pictures

Receive JPG's on USB

Comes with slideshow

of all your pictures

Vinyl Records to Audio CD

1 Side ..................................  $15

2 Sides .................................  $20

Each order comes with

Basic Audio Restoration

Up to 80 min 

DVD Slideshow

Photo Restoration

Professional Photo Editing

$35.95 for the first 35 pictures

$0.75 for each additional pic

Professionally scanned and


Choose your own music,

titles and case picture for

that personal touch!

This is great for Birthdays,

graduations, anniversaries

and any special occasion! 

Would you like to have your old photos

restored to like-new condition?

Let us help...

Basic Restoration starts at $25

Detailed Restoration $60+ 

Get an 8x10 print of the restoration and

digital copy on CD

Send us the pic for a price quote.

Do you have pictures you are not quite

happy with? Let us turn your basic

pictures into works of art.

Something too dark or too light?

We can fix anything! Want someone

taken out of a picture or put someone 

in a picture? We can do it all!

Call about pricing


Please call regarding prices for videography

Professional HD 1080i Cameras

Backdrops available

Professional sound equipment

Boom and lapel mics

Professional Video Editing

$75 for the first hour

$65 for each additional hour


Digital Transfers

Transfer of old media to DVD

VHS, HI8, mini DV,

$15 per 2 hours (minor edit)

$25 personal edit with titles

Old Film transfer $0.12 a foot

$25 minimum

Regular 8 & Super 8 

Color corrected  & personalized with titles and music

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